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The Physics of Light and Rendering | A Talk by John Carmack

by: BethesdaSoftworks John Carmack returns to the mainstage to explain how light behaves in the real world, and the approximations and compromises that are involved in simulating the behavior with computers. This lecture will be geared towards those interested in the interactions of light in the world and how computer software simulates it. Note: Not …Read more »

Saints Row IV – Dev Diary #1: A Love Song to the fans

by: saintsrow Get an exclusive “behind the scenes” look into the studio of developer Volition and watch Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director and Chris Claflin, Lighting Lead, at Volition being probed about the vision behind the creation of the fourth game in the Saints Row series! They speak about the gigantic playground …Read more »

Metal Gear Solid V – Yoji Shinkawa Interview E3 2013

by: konami Famed Metal Gear Solid series Art Director Yoji Shinkawa sits down with our host Christine Ko to answer questions about Metal Gear Solid V, the FOX Engine, his favorite version of Snake and more!

Ubisoft Quebec’s Behind Closed Doors – Episode 5

by: ubisoft For the fifth episode of Behind Closed Doors, we’re focusing on our online strategic card game Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. We talk about the success of the game with producer Stephane Jankowski and meet art director Dan Vargas who tells us about the artistic process behind the popular F2P.

Pikmin 3 Mission Mode with Shigeru Miyamoto!

by: Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto goes for the gold medal in Mission Mode in Pikmin 3.

8-Year-Old Game Designer – Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon

by CodedVelocityInc From the mind of 8-year old game designer Benjamin Howard comes Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon! With only your magic carrot sword to protect you, play as Sir Hoppity through the dark forest, a rolling sand desert, and the volcano dragon’s lair. Collect treasure and buy upgrade items to defeat jumping spiders, …Read more »

Double Fine Kickstarter Final Moments of Funding

Here are the final moments that occurred prior to 7 pm CST / 5 pm PDT on March 13th 2012. Raw video provided by .

Animator Gives New Life To The Power Glove

  Source: Movie 5DSigns Robot Chicken animator uses a modded Power Glove for work.

DuckTales: Remastered – Art Design Duckumentary

by: CapcomUnityVideos In this edition of our Duckumentary series you’ll find out where WayForward drew its inspiration from while redefining Scrooge McDuck, Magica De Spell, and other timeless Disney characters for DuckTales: Remastered. DuckTales: Remastered launches starting on August 13th for the PS3, 360, Wii U, and PC.

EA Sports’ Ignite Engine – Human Intelligence Trailer

by: EASPORTS Powered by the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, games on next-gen consoles including NBA LIVE 14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 and EA SPORTS UFC will feature Human Intelligence. Messi, RG3, Kyrie Irving and UFC fighters Anthony Pettis and Jon Jones describe the instincts, awareness and unpredictability you can expect to face from your …Read more »