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Yakuza 5 – Developer Interview: Welcome to the World of Yakuza, Part 2 | PS3

by PlayStation… Back in April, Gio Corsi from PlayStation visited the SEGA office in Tokyo to interview two of the developers behind the legendary Yakuza series, General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama. In the second of three interview videos, Gio goes deeper into the details of Yakuza 5 with two of the …Read more »

Remastering Gears of War – The COG

by Gears of War The original Delta Squad was a rich set of characters with an iconic look. So how do you stay true to the original, and still elevate them to a next-gen standard? The Coalition asked themselves just that, and took on the challenge of bringing a beloved set of characters to the …Read more »

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer – E3 Booth Tour with David Vonderhaar

by iJustine This year at E3 Call of Duty had their multiplayer available to play on the show floor for the first time ever. I got a chance to play Black Ops 3 with David Vonderhaar and it was really fun. Looking forward to the release day. What do you guys think? PRE-ORDER Black Ops …Read more »

Power Drive 2000 – ‘Vector Valley’ Pre-Alpha Gameplay

by Megacom Games Game Features: – Fast arcade racing – 6 unique game modes, over 25 tracks – A radical Synthwave soundtrack with some amazing artists – Goregeous environments inspired by 1980’s art and cinema – A talking car – Yes…a car that can talk Visit the official website at Follow the game’s progress: …Read more »

Animator Gives New Life To The Power Glove

  Source: Movie 5DSigns Robot Chicken animator uses a modded Power Glove for work.

Mortal Kombat 1 Behind The Scenes

by wwwmortalkombatpl Mortal Kombat 1 Behind The Scenes Long version

8-Year-Old Game Designer – Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon

by CodedVelocityInc From the mind of 8-year old game designer Benjamin Howard comes Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon! With only your magic carrot sword to protect you, play as Sir Hoppity through the dark forest, a rolling sand desert, and the volcano dragon’s lair. Collect treasure and buy upgrade items to defeat jumping spiders, …Read more »

Interceptor Entertainment Walkthrough

by Interceptor Entertainment Frederik Schreiber gives a walkthrough of the Interceptor Entertainment HQ.

Mega64: “Rift Between Sexes” Behind The Scenes

by: RoccoB64 Behind the scenes of Mega64’s video “A Rift Between Sexes.”

The Last of Us Development Series Episode 6: The Beauty of Abandonment

by: PlayStation The sixth and final video of The Last of Us Development series is a mediation on the art and music of The Last of Us. Headphones are recommended. The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern …Read more »