Q: Where do I submit my videos?

A: Click the “Video Submission” link at the top and or bottom of our logo.

Q: What type of videos are you looking for?

A: We are open to video vlogs (diaries, video blogs, whatever term you would like to call it), latest game trailers, videos of you playing a game (either through a video camera or any device to capture gameplay footage, we put these videos under Let’s Play category), gamer montages, anything gaming related! Also any gaming conventions or game developers conference footage is also something we would love to see here. So be sure to submit anything relavant, we may of missed something, oh ya even something virally entertaining is okay.

Q: Will you sponsor me for such and such?

A: At this time the question is, do you know of anyone wanting to sponsor our site and staff? That is the real question. We sponsor our users by providing giveaways when we can, hopefully more then once every so often we can do that. We are willing to do site/banner link exchanges to help promote each other.

Q: Where can we ask more questions?

A: Right now via email at : info@gamersvlog.com