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Quantic Dream’s “Kara”: Behind the Scenes

Get a peek behind the scenes of the new PS3 tech demo from Quantic Dream, the creators of PS3 classic Heavy Rain.

SimCity Insider’s Look GlassBox Game Engine – Part 1

Insider’s Look at the new Glassbox engine powering the next SimCity game. SimCity Gameplay Lead Dan Moskowitz describes the concepts of Resources, Units, Maps, and Agents and how they affect the complex simulation behind SimCity.

Double Fine Kickstarter Final Moments of Funding

Here are the final moments that occurred prior to 7 pm CST / 5 pm PDT on March 13th 2012. Raw video provided by .

Double Fine Adventure! // Ron Gilbert’s Words of Wisdom to Tim Schafer [FULL 35 MINUTES]

From 2PlayerProductions: For more details on how to back this project, click here! A few weeks prior to launching his record-shattering Kickstarter campaign for a new Point-n-Click Graphic Adventure game, Tim Schafer sat down with his old boss and mentor, Ron Gilbert. Together, they look back on the genre they helped define and discussed …Read more »

State of Play: David Jaffe – Part Three

Here’s our wrap-up of our fantastic talk with David Jaffe, creative lead on GOD OF WAR and the TWISTED METAL series! In this episode we finish up our talk on the new TWISTED METAL, we hear about Mr. Jaffe’s future plans, and we hear how he feels about other games aping his style. If you’re …Read more »

State of Play: David Jaffe – Part Two

From StateofPlayShow : We’re back this week with more David Jaffe! In this episode, Mr. Jaffe shares with us his thoughts on God of War 4, the troubles of tumultuous development (including two cancelled games, DARKONS and HEARTLAND), the failures of CALLING ALL CARS, and the reasons why he left GOD OF WAR. Finally, we …Read more »

State of Play: David Jaffe – Part One

Warning : Strong language for those that get offended easily. Come on it’s David Jaffe… Welcome to the first part our final interview for Season One of STATE OF PLAY WITH BRANDON BALES! We’re thrilled to share with you our talk with David Jaffe, director and creative lead for such classics as TWISTED METAL and …Read more »