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Bungie’s Denstiny – Tiger Man Character Development

by: Bungie Omitted from Bungie’s GDC 2013 presentation, this video provides a rare glimpse into the character art, development, and design of Destiny — from early sketches and concept art, to animation and in-engine 3D character models. Yes, its an April Fool’s video, but it does show you concept art for ‘Tiger Man’.  Although we …Read more »

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Interview with Dave Cox – E3 2013

by: konami In-depth interview with Castlevania producer Dave Cox at E3 2013 with exclusive footage from Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2! Developed by MercurySteam. Available this Winter for the PS3, 360, and PC.

Nintendo Minute: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Tips

by: Nintendo Check out Nintendo Minute with Kit and Krysta as they discuss Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate tips with guest host Yuri from Capcom.

Konami E3 2012 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Fan Interview

by konami Our E3 host, Christine Ko, interviews some our fans for their thoughts on Casltevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Make sure to stay tuned to our official channels for the latest news and updates from the showroom floor! Please visit:

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag on PS4: Converstations with Creators

by PlayStation The guys behind Assassin’s Creed always trying to push the envelope with the Assassin’s Creed series, but with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, they have new, advanced technology to help us accomplish their lofty goals. PlayStation 4 is enabling their teams to deliver more graphical detail, a new dimension of social connection and …Read more »

Watch_Dogs — WeareData Making Of Video

by: ubisoft Go behind the scenes of Watch_Dogs WeareData and discover the unique experience Making Of. In Watch Dogs you play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your family, you’ll be able to monitor and …Read more »

Dev Diary #4: Saints Row IV – This Is What Happens

by: saintsrow The fourth clip features Steve Jaros, Creative Director from Volition and the actors Terry Crews (voice of Ben King), Troy Baker (default player voice) and Laura Bailey (female player voice) speaking about how Saints Row IV offers something for fans old and new, and actor Daniel Dae Kim gives insights into his return …Read more »