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Trials Evolution – Achievement PIG #70 (Jack vs. Ray)

by: Rooster Teeth Jack and Ray face off in Trials Evolution. Who will win??

Recap: LCS 2013 NA Summer W9D1

by: LoLChampSeries Check out the recap for the Week 9 Day 1 of the NA Tournament!

Achievement Hunter : Rage Quit – The Binding of Isaac

by: Rooster Teeth This week on Rage Quit, Michael delves into the twisted, bizarre, and deadly dungeons in The Binding of Isaac, available for Steam. From the guys that brought you Super Meat Boy, it’s sure to get weird.

Game Night: Halo 4 – Crouch Derby

by: Rooster Teeth Geoff and Caleb are back with this week’s new episode of Game Night.

K-News : SEGA to buy ATLUS? and Batman Arkham Origins Wii U price cut

by: kNIGHTWING01 Time for your Nintendo News! Rumor has it Nintendo was going to develop Shadows of the Eternal. They even trademarked Eternal Darkness 2. Though with PC and PS4 now being a choice other then Wii U. How is Precursor Games going to meet it’s 750,000 Goal?

Halo 4 – Achievement HORSE #140 (Joel vs. Miles)

by: Rooster Teeth Miles and Joel face off to see who will advance to the finals in this week’s episode of HORSE. No, there is nothing wrong with your speakers.

The Armory – The Batarang (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

by: ScrewAttack! The Dark Knight uses them to put anyone dumb enough to commit a crime near him in their place.  We want one!

Double Dare (NES)

by: Cinemassacre Double Dare (NES) with James Rolfe and Mike Matei

League of Legends Champ Series 2013 NA Summer W9D2

by: LoLChampSeries CLG vs. Cloud 9: Pick and bans 1:16:35 Game start 1:21:52 Velocity vs. Curse: Pick and bans 2:14:19 Game start 2:20:05 Vulcun vs. Coast: Pick and bans 3:13:12 Game start 3:18:49 Cloud 9 vs. Dignitas: Pick and bans 4:26:09 Game start 4:32:40 Velocity vs. CLG: Pick and bans 5:20:15 Game start 5:29:18 Curse …Read more »

League of Legends Champ Series 2013 NA Summer W9D1

by: LoLChampSeries Great games as usual! CLG v. CST: Pick/Bans – 1:10:08, Game Starts – 1:16:05 DIG v. CRS: Pick/Bans – 2:18:00, Game Starts – 2:25:10 VES v. TSM: Pick/Bans – 3:41:45, Game Starts – 3:48:00 VUL v. C9: Pick/Bans – 4:44:15, Game Starts – 4:51:55 TSM v. CST: Pick/Bans – 5:36:50, Game Starts – …Read more »