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Batman Arkham Origins – Combat Analysis & Blackgate Gameplay

by: kNIGHTWING01 “Batman: Arkham Origins & Arkham Blackgate combat analysis video. This HD walkthrough features commentary and Gameplay shot at E3 2013. Batman: Arkham Origins releases on October 25th world wide. The game is being Developed by WB Games Montréal and features a massive Gotham City, for players to explore. Combat is pretty much identical …Read more »

Duck Hunt Go

by ZMC “POKEMON IN THE HOOD | HUNTING GONE WRONG!! LANCEYPOOH” ➤Follow me on Twitter: ➤Want to make money on youtube!? Click this link! ➝… ➤For business inquiries contact me @:

Anti Co-op: Lego Batman 2 (Part 1)

InfectedCrow and ZodicalCandy try to freeze through Lego Batman 2 while Catwoman is busy trying to squish them both!

K-News – Kevin Conroy Update! Plus AVGN coming to Wii U & 3DS

by kNIGHTWING01 Today’s News covers a follow up on Batman Arkham Origins voice actor Kevin Conroy. AVGN may bring his new game to Wii U & 3DS. Capcom has closed down Monster Hunter Tri’s online servers. All this and Watch Dogs on Wii U preview too! *Actors who played Batman* – Troy Baker – my …Read more »

K-News – Phoenix Wright goes digital, RE Revelations Wii U DEMO & Road Rash meets kickstarter Goal

by: kNIGHTWING01 Resident Evil Revelations DEMO is now up on the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. RE Revelations releases for WiiU May 21st. SEGA is planning on Seven Wii U Games till 2014 & Six 3DS Games! More details TBA at E3 2013!

Things to do in: Minecraft – Hot Hoof X

by: RoosterTeeth The Achievement Hunter lads are back in the sand pit for a pig-riding version of Hot Foot!

LORE – Metro 2033 Lore in a Minute!

by: lore Get caught up with Metro 2033’s lore with this weeks Lore video!

K-News : Injustice Wii U DLC, Atlus Update & Batman Arkham Origins

by: kNIGHTWING01 Injustice DLC is now on Wii U. Plus exclusive content too! WB Games also revealed Arkham Origins will be getting DLC for the Nintendo Wii U as well. Atlus wants to thank their fans for all the support and that JP Developer will be ok. Atleast for now… Lastly, Nintendo has issued a …Read more »

League of Legends Champ Series – 2013 EU Summer W6D2

by: LoLChampSeries Check out what went down on W6D2 of the League of Legends EU Summer Tourney 2013! The video ‘begins’ at 0:37:52. Here’s the matchups for today: EU Challenger SF – CW vs ESC LCS Match 1 – MYM vs FNC LCS Match 2 – NIP vs LD LCS Match 3 – ATN vs …Read more »

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Fast Facts!

by: lore Dodger instills some quick knowledge onto you about Metal Gear Solid 4!