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Gaming Mysteries: The PokeGods of Pokemon

by: Yuriofwind “Today on Gaming Mysteries, we talk about the mythical, magical, rumorful, PokeGods. To the unaware, the PokeGods were rumored god Pokemon that existed in the original games, back before you could just Google the truth. The term PokeGod is a means to explain what couldn’t be explained, and today, I look back on …Read more »

Five Facts – Halo 2 Part 2

by: Rooster Teeth Jack and Gus are back with the second installment of Five Facts Halo 2.

Saints Row 4: References, Easter Eggs & Jokes

by: GameFrontDotCom This video shows more than 50 references, Jokes, and Easter Eggs from the first act of Saints Row 4.

The Armory – The Mega Buster (Mega Man Series)

by: ScrewAttack! An iconic weapon that the short blue robot wields with deadly precision makes its way into the Armory.

Trials Evolution: Trials Files #68

by: Rooster Teeth Geoff and Michael continue their exploration of Trails Evolution in this week’s Trials Files.

Super Nintendo Deathblows! (Trivia Game)

by: Cinemassacre Get ready to name that game! Mike Matei shows 50 final boss kills on the SNES for YOU to guess!

LORE – Dragon’s Dogma Lore in a Minute!

by: lore ProJared gives you the rundown on the lore of Dragon’s Dogma!

Game Theory: Chrono Trigger Retells the BIBLE?!?

by: MatthewPatrick13 Chrono Trigger, perhaps the greatest RPG of all time, is a story about time travel, alien creatures, dinosaurs, and saving the world. But behind it all, it’s REALLY about THE BIBLE! Seriously. Chrono Trigger fans, prepare to be amazed!

Dragon Commander Angry Review

by: AngryJoeShow Check out Joe’s review for Dragon Commander!

Halo 4 – Fails of the Weak Volume 151

by: Rooster Teeth Jack and Gavin are here for this week’s Fails of the Weak.