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Batman: Arkham Origins | Easter Eggs & Secrets

by: Batman Arkham Videos Batman: Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins Blackgate Easter Eggs: 0:15 – Cold, Cold Heart & Quincy Sharp Interview 2:38 – Suicide Squad & Harley Quinn Trophy Statue 7:30 – Enigma’s Secret Message 8:23 – Scarecrow 9:41 – Green Eyed Crows 10:44 – DC Brands: AmerTek (Steel), Booster Gold B.G.I., Blaze Comics, Big Belly Burger, Veronica Cale-Anderson, Ferris …Read more »

Blades of Chaos (God of War) – MAN AT ARMS

by: AWE me This week, swordsmith Tony Swatton tackles Kratos’ Blades of Chaos from God of War.

K-News: Hyrule Warriors, Yoshi’s New Island, Rosalina & more news!

by: kNIGHTWING01 Nintendo held a massive Nintendo Direct Today! A New Zelda Crossover Game with Koei called Hyrule Warriors will release in 2014. Other new Games announced are Dr Luigi for Wii U Eshop, Chibi Robo Photo Finder 3DS, & NES Remix.

Miiverse Nintendo 3DS Impressions

by: kNIGHTWING01 Kwing looks at Miiverse on the 3DS.

OFFICIAL Epic Wedding Ceremony Battle (Batman, Iron Man & More)

by Artix Entertainment : “Sincere thanks to you and all of our family and friends who came to watch and to be part of our special day — whether in person, online, or wherever you may be…” – Adam (Artix) & Michelle (Trini) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEDDING NOTES – The Wedding took place …Read more »

Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask?

by: The Game Theorists Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a DARK game! Clearly, one of the game’s major themes is death, but just how dark does it REALLY get? Is it possible that this game is all about Link, Nintendo’s signature mascot, dealing with his own death? Today on Game Theory, we review the …Read more »

Resident Evil Part 2 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. ProtonJon

by: DYKGaming Join ProtonJon in the second part of DYKGaming’s Resident Evil part 2!

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Burn Baby Burn Guide

by: Rooster Teeth Ray and Geoff show you how to get the “Burn Baby Burn” achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360.

Resident Evil – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. ProJared

by: DYKGaming ProJared leads you through the first labyrinth of facts for Resident Evil!

Playstation 4 Unboxing & Impressions

by: kNIGHTWING01 Playstation 4 Unboxing Review & Gameplay HD.  PS4 has finally released and Knightwing01 is here to deliver his first Impressions out of the Box.  He is still going to need a few days before he can review the system and it’s features properly.