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Halo 4 – Fails of the Weak Volume 140

by: RoosterTeeth Jack and Geoff continue their tradition of mocking your gaming inadequacy. Enjoy this week’s episode of Fails of the Weak!

UMvC3 :: Gameplay Montage :: (Gamestop Challenge)

Cyohon7 = Player 1 BrianPatrick03 = Player 2 — Ok, Here’s the dili ….. We both work at Gamestop 4012 and I myself have been hardcore MK for as long as I can remember…. Cyphon7 here thinks my skills wouldnt carry over to some UMVC3 … Does he know who he’s dealing with ?

Black Ops: My 15000th Tomahawk Kill Weektage “Sacrifice Saves

Subscribe Trix’s Channel: Visit Trix’s Channel Call of Duty Black Ops tomahawk and baliistic / knife gameplay montage featuring my 15,000th Tomahawk Kill and gameplay footage captured in just under a week. I am polishing my trusty tomahawk in preparation for Black Ops 2. I have included proof of my combat record at the …Read more »

SnyPa & Rasspusen: Mw3 Dualtage

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Thrive/5.1 Gaming montage Brought to you by VIBRAS FIVE.ONE

Modern Warfare 3 Clan Montage

A Sniper Montage | EDGE | Mr. Quikie | xXSnapCrackLeXx

From xXSnapCrackLeXx : Gamers Vlog Warning — Contains imagery and vulgar language not for audiences under 18+. Be advised, we are not responsible for the content contained within. My new edit for TheAlmostCinema! Really pumped in some twixtor this time around! Enjoy! Songs used: Fytch | Spaceblasters theme (remix) Fytch | DeadMau5 – Raise Your …Read more »