Black Ops: My 15000th Tomahawk Kill Weektage “Sacrifice Saves

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Call of Duty Black Ops tomahawk and baliistic / knife gameplay montage featuring my 15,000th Tomahawk Kill and gameplay footage captured in just under a week. I am polishing my trusty tomahawk in preparation for Black Ops 2.

I have included proof of my combat record at the end of the video. The footage is from just under a weeks play so please remember that. The audio from the speech is Creative commons and is attributed to Stephen Samuel Wise. It is entitled ‘what are we fighting for’ and encompasses themes of sacrifice for others and the purpose of war.

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This Trix video will show you:
How to play Call of Duty: Black Ops
How to play call of duty knife only
How to play TDM tomahawk only
How to throw long tomahawks
How to takedown a chopper with a tomahawk
How Trix rolls.

The music is used with kind permission from Overwerk. He is fucking amazing subscribe to him or check out his soundcloud or facebook. or

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