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Lego Batman 2 – Walkthrough Wii U Part 3 Arkham Maze it’s AMAZING!

by: kwingsletsplays LEGO BATMAN 2: DC Super Heroes WiiU Walktrhough Chapter 3: Arkham Asylum Anticsl. Welcome to Part 3 of The Kwing’s Lego Batman 2 Wii U how-to & guide. This features co-op commentary with  Kwife. Lego Batman 2 on the Wii U features lots of NEW things. Like Off screen play, better map system, …Read more »

Call of Duty Championship: Day One

by xbox Major Nelson and Graeme Boyd set the stage at day one of the Call of Duty Championship presented by Xbox. Tune in for coverage all weekend as 32 of the world’s best Call of Duty teams battle for their share of the $1 million prize.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Story Walkthrough Part 5 [Knightwing01]

by kNIGHTWING01 Part 3 of Knightwing01′s walkthrough/lets’ play of Injustice’s story mode. Deathstroke continues his mission and faces Wonder Woman. Meanwhile Other World Batman & The League enter Strikers to save The Batman. But are stopped by Catwoman & Damian in Part 5 of Injustice Gods Among US HD Commentary with Kwing & Kwife.

COD: BO 119 – 1 demolition on WMD p1

What The %#*$ !! I can’t believe he did that… hey guys this is me with another epic video!! i’m pretty sure this will be the best K/D someone of my friends ever got. better than WB7THST!!

Robot Unicorn Attack – Strange Games Saturday [Necroscope86]

by Necroscope86 Necroscope checks out Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack.

Rayman Legends Challenges Daily & Extreme May 11th 2013

by kNIGHTWING01 Rayman Legends Daily & Extreme Challenges, for 5/11/13 and earn Gold twice.

Rage Quit – Surgeon Simulator 2013: Ambulance & Space Missions

by RoosterTeeth This week on Rage Quit, Dr. Jones & Dr. Free are back to finish the job in the Ambulance and secret Space Missions in Part 2 of Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Edition. Boldly going where no surgeons have gone before.

Let’s Play – Grand Theft Auto IV Part 2

by: LetsPlay In this week’s Let’s Play Monday, the AH team continues playing GTA IV and make us wonder – what is going on in Liberty City?

Sonic 2006 – Let’s Play Part 97 [GameGrumps]

by: GameGrumps Game Grumps Egoraptor and JonTron continues their epic journey through Sonic ’06 in this ridiculously long let’s play.

I Miss My Girlfriend Preview – HD

by PixelatedSausage Just a short video preview/playthrough of ‘I Miss My Girlfriend,’ available now on the Xbox LIVE Indie Game marketplace (http://pixsa.us/NUzWzO). Check out more videos and related jazz at http://pixelatedsausage.com or follow me on Twitter: @Kush3, for more bite-size nonsense.