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Super Contra – Let’s Play [AngryVideoGameNerd & Mike Matei]

by: JamesNintendoNerd AVGN James Rolfe and Mike Matei attempts a one-shot let’s play of Super Contra.

Let’s Play – Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead

by LetsPlay Ray, Gavin, Michael and Ryan pit their wits against the mindless living dead. So even money in the brains department really.

Super Meat Boy – Let’s Fail [Necroscope86]

by Necroscope86 Necroscope gives Super Meat Boy another chance after rage-quitting at the end of Part 9.

Let’s Play – Worms Revolution

by LetsPlay The lads are finally back as Geoff, Michael, Gavin, & Ray once again fight for supremacy in Worms Revolution for the Xbox Live Arcade. Clearly they’ve been practicing.

Bioshock Infinite – Let’s Play part 3 [Necroscope86]

by Necroscope86 Let’s play player Necroscope86 continues their playthrough of Bioshock Infinite.

SoulCalibur 2 – Let’s Play VS [GameGrumps]

by GameGrumps Game Grumps Egoraptor and JonTron battles each other in SoulCalibur 2!

Mario Party 8 Ground Zeroes: PART 5 – Finale [Game Grumps]

by: GameGrumps Experience the epic conclusion of this let’s play, who will be the victor?

Let’s Build in Minecraft with Gav and Geoff – Thread the Needle Pt 2

by: LetsPlay Geoff and Gav finish up their Thread the Needle build in Minecraft.

Super Meat Boy – Let’s Fail 12 [Necroscope86]

by Necroscope86 Necroscope gives Super Meat Boy another try after rage-quitting.

Let’s Play – Gears of War: Judgment Co-op Pt 1

by: LetsPlay In this week’s Let’s Play Wednesday, the AH crew play Gears of War: Judgment.