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If Assassin’s Creed was made in 1998

by 98DEMAKE As voted by the fine readers of GamesRadar: If Assassin’s Creed was made in 1998. This is not a real game, but an animation made in a 3d creation software called Blender. There is no actual gameplay or coding involved. If you would like to contact me for some reason, you can do …Read more »


by AnimationRewind Sonic The HedgeHog Movie? No, this is not a Sonic Movie, it is a Sonic.EXE Movie. This movie is an original fan film and fan animation produced by us at team AnimationRewind. Our Fan Film is based off of: Sonic 2019, Sonic Movie, Sonic Design, Sonic Design Change, Sonic Memes, Sonic Movie Memes, …Read more »

Far Cry 5 – Short Film (Baptism of Fire)

by Fury Fingers An agnostic deputy takes on Joseph Seed and his God-fearing cult of minions. Featuring ‘Far Cry’ favorites: Grace, Boomer and Nick Rye.… Check out more photos by STEAMKITTENS around here:… Executive Producer – Paul Simao Created by the Fury Fingers Team Written and Directed by Nicholas Cleary Shot by Anders Wotzke …Read more »

Mario No Longer A Plumber – Job Searching

by Josh Stillman Now that Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer a plumber, he will need to search for a new job! He decided to walk around Los Angeles to see who is hiring and interviewing so he can set up some interviews for his new career!… JoshFromLM

Super Mario vs. Star Wars | REAL LIFE 3D ANIMATION (1/2)

by Andy Front Films PART 2: BEHIND THE SCENES: My Patreon My Twitter HEY GUYS!! My buddy ArmaganVideos and me have been working on this piece for a long time. But NOW IT’S FINALLY HERE!! We thought about how to combine 2 of the most awesome games/franchises/movies in one video and let …Read more »

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Doomfist Origin Story | Overwatch

by PlayOverwatch Witness the return of one of Talon’s leaders: Doomfist. Learn more about Doomfist: Read the PTR patch notes: Animation by: Wolf Smoke Start Your Watch today: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Animated with Mario Paint by Mike Matei

by Cinemassacre Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 cartoon intro remake animated with Mario Paint by Mike Matei. I chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because it was one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. If you have any suggestions for other 80s / 90s cartoon intros you think I should do, let me know. Maybe some …Read more »

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate

by EmberLab A tribute to the legendary game, this short showcases Skull Kid’s dark origin story. Our take on how the Zelda Universe could be realized in film. A labor of love for all those involved, this is a gift to the fans. Director: Mike Grier Story Adaptation: Josh Grier Animation Director: Hunter Schmidt Mask …Read more »

Super Mario: An Unexpected Battle (Animation)

by Teorias do Dia a Dia Translated from Portuguese: In search of life that may be your only chance to save Princess Peach, Mario encounters something unexpected. Characters, sound effects and music are the property of their respective owners. Tribute to two of the major games that marked my childhood.  – Johnny Pinho INSTAGRAM: Subscribe to …Read more »

ONE WOMAN ARMY – Epic Drone Action Film

by Fury Fingers Check out Mobile Strike – Subscribe for more Fury Fingers Films –… Featuring Daisy Fryer as Scarlet: (stunt-woman) The good people of Riot City Wrestling:… The parkour talents of Team Sweezy:… The fighting skills from F.E.A.T:… And the champions of men known as ‘Task Force Taipan:’ (Cosplay, …Read more »