Far Cry 5 – Short Film (Baptism of Fire)

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by Fury Fingers

An agnostic deputy takes on Joseph Seed and his God-fearing cult of minions. Featuring ‘Far Cry’ favorites: Grace, Boomer and Nick Rye.

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Executive Producer – Paul Simao

Created by the Fury Fingers Team

Written and Directed by Nicholas Cleary

Shot by Anders Wotzke

Camera assistant – Jake Cooper

Sound by Leah McKeown and Kadison Noack

Head of Makeup – Ania Soltys

Additional make up – Chelz Edwards, Georgia Green, Toni McGuiness

Visual FX – Nicholas Cleary, Daniel Vink and Aaron Melville-Smith

Joseph Costume by Kate O’Boyle

Motorbike Stunt Driver – James Westbury

Car Stunts – Ben Bradley, James Rodda and Adam Dixon

2nd Unit

Director – Andrew Shanks

Camera – Jonathan Kovarch

Praise to: Calen Vanstone, Paul Cleary, Matt Basso, Liam Telford

Unit basemen – Andrew Oakeshott, Nathan Craill and Craig

Gear Supplied by Task Force Taipan – Craig ‘Hurk’ Timothy Faehrmann

Props by Hallam Bassett, Harrison Weir and Nathan Craill

Special thanks to Justine Green, Maddie Bain and Loren Panno


Ranger – Hjálmar Marteinsson

Joseph Seed – Elliot Howard

Grace – Diane “Dee” Kalei

Nick Rye – Nicholas Cleary

Farmer Toby – Chris Duncan

Boomer – Alby (thanks to Rachel May)

Axe-man – Daniel Panozzo

Original Axe man – Leighlan Doe

Sniper – Daniel Vink

Roadblock Head Goon – PJ Van Gyen


Andrew Shanks, Nathan Craill, Aaron Melville Smith, Andrew Oakeshott, Thomas Berry, Craig Faehrmann, Harry Sutton, Scott Stevens, Stephen Paul Queen, Liam Telford, Freddy Plays, Tristan James, James Coleman, Patrick Clements, Maddie Bain, Justine Green, Thorin Black, Emily Breaden, Lachlan Blanch, Daniel Hammond, Tom Collett, Tremayne Baird, Michaela Hartley, Andy Whitehead, Benjamin Kennedy, Jay Whitely, Adam Lemmey, Jonathan Kovarch … there’s a lot. More updates coming… (Editors Note: see video description on their YouTube channel for update)

Special thanks to Ubisoft Australia

Carol, Dennis and Molly Scanlon

Luke Fitzgerald

and Emily Bix