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Kendo Rage – Game Grumps

by: GameGrumps “Do it up, yo!” Arin and Danny gets potentially racist in Kendo Rage!  

The Political Machine 2012 | Strange Game Saturday

by: Necroscope86 Necroscope is back with Strange Game Saturday!  This time he plays The Political Machine 2012 and runs against Michele Bachman!

New Super Luigi U – Walkthrough Part 10 Meringue Clouds

by: kwingsletsplays New Super Luigi U Walkthrough World 7 Meringue Clouds. Let’s Play with live commentary of New Super Luigi U for the Nintendo Wii U! This is part 10 and they play W-7 of NSLU. With Mario MISSING, it’s up to Luigi to save the day. This DLC for WiiU features no check points …Read more »

Let’s Build – Lava Wall Part #2

by: LetsPlay The AH crew bring you the second installment of Let’s Build Lava Wall.

Game Time — Burnie and E play Monaco

by: LetsPlay Burnie sits down w/ Eric Neustadter from Xbox Live to play some Monaco and talk about the way games are delivered on the platform. There are progress bars and system screens in this one, but it’s all part of the conversation.

Burai Fighter – NES Gameplay

by NESguide.com Game info/discussion at http://nesgui.de/bri | “Burai Fighter” (NES), published by Taxan, 1990 | Basic demonstration of natural gameplay; no commentary, no cheats/tool-assistance, not a speed-run. Captured from classic front-loading NES “toaster” console. The NESguide project began in January 2007 and has successfully produced one gameplay video for each of the 749 unique titles …Read more »

Super Mario Sunshine: Just Add Water – PART 3 – Game Grumps

by: GameGrumps “Petey Piranha! Your tyrannical reign over that windmill ends NOW!” Join Game Grumps Arin and Danny as they have fun in the sun with Super Mario Sunshine!

Star Wars Battlefront III Pre Alpha Part 2

by BananaSwag Some footage of the build of Star Wars Battlefront 3 that got canceled. This build is from 2007 and was ported over from the PC. This content is not mine, it is the property of Disney. No copyright intended, this is purely for review of the build. The game looked very fun to …Read more »

The Three Stooges – Game Grumps

by: GameGrumps “Will Larry, Moe, and Curly save the orphanage? I mean, like, I dunno.” Arin and Danny just can’t seem to stop themselves from failing in The Three Stooges!

GTA Granny British Gas Rampage

by GAMERGRAN87 “Sorry about the language everyone but I got a letter from British Gas and I had to let my anger out! 20% price hike?! You thieving bastards. Have some of this.”