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Super Star Wars: The Sith Strikes Hope – PART 2 – Game Grumps

by: GameGrumps The Game Grumps continue their journey through Super Star Wars!

Hotline Miami: Who’s Calling? – PART 1 – Steam Train

by: GameGrumps From GameGrumps comes the new let’s play duo, Steam Train! Steam Train plays through Hotline Miami! Ross: http://www.YouTube.com/RubberRoss Danny: http://www.YouTube.com/NinjaSexParty

Civilization V: Brave New World – PART 2 – Steam Train

by: GameGrumps There’s a new expansion to Civilization V called Brave New World!  Arin hops on board the Steam Train to check it out.

RTX 2013: LIVE Let’s Play – GTA

by: Rooster Teeth It’s Team Lads vs. Team Gents in this live Let’s Play at RTX 2013! The guys play GTA, a fan favorite, for the attendees to watch live at the event!

Injustice Gods Among Us – Martian Manhunter vs Justice League with Lore & Skins

by: kwingsletsplays Join the Kwings as they (Kwife too!) dishes out some lore on Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (John Stewart) , Wonder Woman (New 52) Superman (New 52) The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Batman (New 52). The Trinity War has Begun!

New Super Luigi U – Walkthrough Part 8 Rock Candy Mines (co-op)

by: kwingsletsplays New Super Luigi U Walkthrough World 6 Rocky Candy Mines. Let’s Play with live commentary of New Super Luigi U for the Nintendo Wii U! This is part 8 and they play W-6 of NSLU. With Mario MISSING, it’s up to Luigi to save the day. This DLC for WiiU features no check …Read more »

Nerd³ Plays… Guacamelee!

by: OfficialNerdCubed Cubed check out Guacamelee!

COD: BO 119 – 1 demolition on WMD p1

What The %#*$ !! I can’t believe he did that… hey guys this is me with another epic video!! i’m pretty sure this will be the best K/D someone of my friends ever got. better than WB7THST!!

Slender: The Arrival part 4 – Let’s Play [PewDiePie]

by PewDiePie Watch in amusement as let’s player PewDiePie takes on Slender: The Arrival!

Star Fox 64 part 6 Let’s Play [GameGrumps]

by GameGrumps GameGrumps EgoRaptor and JonTron take on Star Fox 64!