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Resident Evil 6 – Captivate Trailer

This year terror goes global. Blending action and classic survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2012. Watch your local trailer at

Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition trailer

It looks as though Harley Quinn has some unfinished business with Bats. Take a look at this Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition trailer, which teases her new mission and more.

Plushy Warfare Trailer

by levelplusgames Plushy Warfare is a game about a war between plushies. In this first saga you will see the teddy bears revealing against their own kind. Fight on Dojo’s, forests, mountains and deserts, customizing your own bear with different upgrades and accessories. Get ready to enter the plushy warfare! Get it on iTunes: …Read more »

Konami E3 2012 | Silent Hill: Book of Memories Trailer

by konami Get ready for survival horror to follow you anywhere you go this Fall with Silent Hill: Book of Memories! The story begins with a strange book that is received, inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything that’s ever happened to you; all of your memories. You discover that …Read more »

Guacamelee Announce Trailer

by DrinkboxStudios

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger | Reveal Trailer

by ubisoft Face down the West’s most notorious gunslingers like Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and Jesse James! In Call of Juarez: Gunslinger live the untold stories behind the legends.

BioShock Infinite Launch Trailer

by 2KGames Watch the mysterious and powerful Songbird pursue Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, who are trying to make a desperate escape from the sky-city of Columbia. BioShock Infinite is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC!

Injustice Gods Among Us – Killer Frost & Ares Reveal Trailer

by Izuniy NetherRealms Studio adds 2 more villains to the roster, with a current total of 24 and 4 DLC characters are to come later. Injustice: Gods Among Us will be out on April 16 for the PS3, 360, and Wii U.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut – Launch Trailer

by Rising Star Games The game originally released in 2010 for the PS3, 360, and PC, but the PS3 version never saw the light of day outside of Japan…until now.  This edition will have updated controls, updated HD visuals, more than 100 improvements, PS Move support, some downloadable content, and additional scenarios. Deadly Premonition: The …Read more »

Dragon’s Crown – Fighter Trailer

by AtlusUSA Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer hack and slash beat ‘em up game with breathtaking visual style, a design built around cooperative play and epic boss fights, and the ability to discover a new adventure in every play session. With Dragon’s Crown, developer Vanillaware deftly marries stunning hand-drawn and animated art work with deep, …Read more »