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Borderlands 2 – Siren Class Preview

From IGN… ads are there’s. The Siren class is back from the original Borderlands but she’s completely different. Learn more about the skills, abilities and weapons of the Siren class in this preview then leave us a comment below telling us what you think! Get more info on Borderlands 2 on IGN: http://www.ign.com/games/borderlands-2/pc-94190 Our wiki …Read more »

Far Cry 3 | E3 2012 Step Into Insanity Trailer [NORTH AMERICA]

by ubisoft Check out the single-player campaign trailer for Far Cry 3. Jason has discovered the Vaas’ headquarters and will attempt to navigate the compound, taking out anyone that stands in his way. Official website: http://www.farcrygame.com/ Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/farcry Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/farcrygame Journey into the heart of insanity. #FarCry3 About Far Cry 3: Beyond the reach …Read more »

Spec Ops: The Line Narrative Trailer

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ve3tro Name: Spec Ops The Line Release Date: June 29, 2012 Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC Publisher(s): 2K Games

Assassin’s Creed III – Connor’s weapons [UK]

Take a deep look at the new Assassin’s Creed® III hero, Connor and his weapons in this 360° video. Born of Mohawk and British Blood, his fight for freedom and justice will be forged in the flames of revolution. More content on http://assassinscreed.com

Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition trailer

It looks as though Harley Quinn has some unfinished business with Bats. Take a look at this Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition trailer, which teases her new mission and more.

Assassin’s Creed III World Gameplay Premiere

The newest trailer for Assassin’s Creed III gives a deeper look at the franchise’s new hero. Trapped between two worlds, Connor dons the mantle of the Assassin in the fight for justice against the Templars. Sentinel, outsider, and champion, Connor defends the land against those who would infringe upon freedom and liberty.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Nemesis Mode (US)

Xbox 360 Exclusive Nemesis Mode Trailer

DRIVER San Francisco Launch Trailer [North America]

DRIVER® SAN FRANCISCO available NOW! Watch the launch trailer and order your copy today: http://shop.ubi.com/DriverSF Developed by Ubisoft Reflections DRIVER® SAN FRANCISCO signals a return to the roots of the original DRIVER Series. For more information visit: http://driver-game.com http://www.facebook.com/Driver http://twitter.com/Drivergame

Kinect Star Wars Launch Trailer

Play Star Wars like never before…using your whole body and without a controller. Feel the force as you become a Jedi, drive a Podracer, pilot a starfighter, and wreak havoc as a Rancor monster in Kinect Star Wars! ESRB Rating: TEEN

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

by BethesdaSoftworks Watch the new gameplay trailer for Dishonored. Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. You are Corvo, the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, …Read more »