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Resident Evil 6 E3 Trailer 2012

Watch the Resident Evil 6 E3 Trailer.

Lost Planet 3 E3 Trailer

Watch the Lost Planet 3 trailer from E3. ┬ęCAPCOM CO., LTD

Mark of the Ninja E3 2012 Trailer [HD]

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Developer: Klei Entertainment Release Date: Q3/2012 Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade

Far Cry 3 | E3 2012 Step Into Insanity Trailer [NORTH AMERICA]

by ubisoft Check out the single-player campaign trailer for Far Cry 3. Jason has discovered the Vaas’ headquarters and will attempt to navigate the compound, taking out anyone that stands in his way. Official website: http://www.farcrygame.com/ Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/farcry Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/farcrygame Journey into the heart of insanity. #FarCry3 About Far Cry 3: Beyond the reach …Read more »

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

by BethesdaSoftworks Watch the new gameplay trailer for Dishonored. Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. You are Corvo, the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, …Read more »

DMC: Devil May Cry E3 2012

The next instalment of the multi-million selling Devil May CryTM franchise, DmC sees Capcom collaborating with UK based Ninja Theory to explore new frontiers for the series. DmC is in development for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation┬«3 computer entertainment system. From its debut on PlayStation 2 in 2001, …Read more »

Halo 4 Official Trailer

The “Commissioning” Live-Action Trailer witness the unbridled optimism of the launch of the UNSC Infinity, then its crash as an ancient evil pulls it into a mysterious world where the Master Chief will begin an epic new Halo adventure.

E3 2012: Halo 4 Gameplay

Get ready for more Halo 4 with gameplay from E3 2012.

Tomb Raider Trailer

A legendary explorer emerges from disaster, desperation, and a need to survive.

Konami Pre-E3 Show – Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2

By konami The Dragon returns. http://www.castlevania-lordsofshadow.com Watch the full Konami Pre-E3 Show NOW at http://events.konami.com/e3/ Rating Pending by the ESRB. Please visit: http://www.konami.com http://www.facebook.com//lordsofshadow http://www.twitter.com/konami http://konami.tumblr.com