“THE DIVERSION” Tom Clancy’s The Division Fan-Film

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by Fury Fingers

The SHD hit the streets with a cunning plan to take out the baddies….
Sponsored by Ubisoft as part of Tom Clancy’s “The Division.”

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Big shout out to the Fine Folks of ‘Task Force Taipan’
They produced all the weapons, Harrison Weir built the relays and constructed the Cleaner tanks. These guys rule!https://www.facebook.com/TaskForceTai

Ya gotta see The Diversion album from Photographer – Steamkittens! Direct Link – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s

And big ups to Point A again. for letting us use their space for the final scene! Movement Culture in Adelaide:https://www.facebook.com/ADLPointA

Written, Directed by Nicholas Cleary
Produced by Nicholas Cleary, Andrew Shanks, Daniel Vink and David Gregan
DOP / Camera – David Gregan
VFX – Nicholas Cleary and Daniel Vink
FIRE VFX!!! – THIS CHAMPION OF MEN: Zach Hamilton !!
Grade- Daniel Vink
Stunts – Anthony Rinna
Make Up – Cody Porter -Awesome ICE FACE EFFECTS: https://www.facebook.com/codymakeup – And Lucy Neindorf!
Explosion FX by Gabriel Vazquez

Special thanks to Ted’s Camera Store for letting us film behind their store.
Cameron James as Ryan
JusZ Cosplay as Megan – She also made her costume!
Andrew Shanks as Bronson
Russell Alan Hutchinson as the NY Drunk
Hallam Bassett as the Deceiver – https://www.facebook.com/IceGiantCosp
Patrick Clements as the guys who nods well
and Floksy Locksy Cosplay as ‘New Megan!’ https://www.facebook.com/FloksyLocksy

Goon Roster…
Hallam Bassett
Harrison Weir
Craig Timothy Faehrmann
Liam Telford
Daniel Vink
Nicholas Cleary
Anders Wotzke
Adam Dixon
Harrison James
Logan Vandenbroek
Alex Davis

CREW, Various roles:
Calen Vanstone
Zane Roach
Sam Macassi
Jake Cooper
James Ashton Roper
Jonathan Kovarch

Thanks to everyone who helped and offered their time! THANKS to UBISOFT for getting behind FURY FINGERS! Cheers

Equipment via Picture Hire Australia