Keiji Inafune Soul Sacrifice Interview Part 2

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by: PlayStation

Legendary designer Keiji Inafune talks about Soul Sacrifice.

From renowned game designer Keiji Inafune and his comcept studio comes Soul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita, a dark fantasy action-adventure built on a simple question: what would one give up for absolute power? Taking the role of a cruel mage’s prisoner, players will encounter a magical tome, Librom, with the ability to transport them into its many chapters and entries. Via ad-hoc or infrastructure multiplayer, up to four adventurers can join together to experience the wealth of quests and challenges buried in Librom’s worn pages.

Through reliving these bygone adventures, many of which are fraught with horrendous monsters and massive bosses, players can strengthen their avatars and acquire new magical Offerings. Along the way, they will face constant tests of virtue. Is it better to save a lost soul, freeing them from their bondage and incurring a lesser benefit, or to sacrifice it and reap the rewards of a wellspring of dark power?

Souls Sacrifice is now out for the PS Vita.