E3 Ubisoft Press Conference

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Watch the Ubisoft Press Conference live. Warning – the video may not be suitable for all ages (Far Cry 3 features nudity as one precaution).

Featuring Just Dance 4 with Flo Rida, Far Cry 3, Zombiu (exclusively for the Wii U), Splintercell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed 3, Shootmania.com , their free-to-play game series (featuring Trials Evolution , Ghost Recon Online, Outland, I Am Alive, CSI Miami, The Settlers Online, From Dust, Shoot Many Robots, Beyond Good and Evil HD, CSI Crime City and more) and last but not least, WATCH DOGS!! Everybody kept guessing and thinking it was a game based on the hit TV show Person of Interest throughout the chat but looks like Ubisoft has a good line up for everyone coming, especially for the Wii U.