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Madden 2012 Hall of Fame Edition PS3 Unboxing

Fresh new video of Madden 2012 for PS3 being unboxed Check it out : https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=madden-2012-hall-of-fame-edition-ps3-unboxing


With Raven and Gryx Video at https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=minecraft

Halo – The Death of Lady MacBeth

This was made before Machinima’s became popular. Check out the video here: https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=halo-the-death-of-lady-macbeth

Borderlands 2

The sequel to one unique combined first person shooter and role playing experiences ever imagined. Check out the video at : https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=borderlands-2

Halo: Anniversary Campaign Footage

Be sure to check out the latest revamp to Halo Combat Evolved! Only on Xbox 360! Check out the video here : https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=halo-anniversary-campaign-footage

Commander Keen 1 Speedrun

One of my all time favorite PC game series, Commander Keen. Really would be something worth remaking for Xbox Live Arcade. Check out the video here : https://www.gamersvlog.com/?videos=commander-keen-1-speedrun


ijustinegaming talks about video games! Check out the video here.

Welcome to Gamers Vlog!

Welcome to the site where Gamers can share their vlogs with a wide variety of gamers quickly! Learn from one another tips on all the latest greatest titles for any platform, or show everyone how bad of a mofo you are when you face people online. The possibilities are endless here, we want you to …Read more »