Sleeping Dogs – Year of the Snake Trailer

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by UKSquareEnix

In this post-game DLC, Wei Shen returns to the ranks of the HKPD only to be greeted by an end-of-the-world cult.  Hell-bent on cleansing the city of its evils, they cannot be negotiated with as they pursue a murderous path to their righteous salvation.  With an arsenal of weapons — including a tear gas launcher and an electroshock pistol — new outfits and abilities, Wei aims to earn back his honour with the HKPD by sabotaging the cultists’ plot to bomb, terrorize and subdue the citizens of Hong Kong.

Year of the Snake features four new Achievements/Trophies and will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC priced at 560MSP, $6.99, €5.49, £4.39.  The DLC releases on March 12.