Gamester Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Put on Pause

A Kickstarter campaign that was mentioned in the blog not long ago, Gamester, has been put on pause.

However there is good information as to why from the Gamester Facebook Page:

“We’re going into our final week of the Kickstarter campaign and currently at 52% funding. Thank you everyone that has shared and donated to our Kickstarter. When we started this campaign, only a few people knowing about the project and we were not very aware of the best ways to market a Kickstarter. Despite all of that we were still able to raise over $12k and our support on our social medias has quadrupled. We now some more interest from different publishers and investors that will help us get the funding needed to finish up Gamester. So we have decided to pause the Kickstarter for now. Again, thank you everyone that has supported us so far, and you can continue to follow our progress by using the links below:




We’ll be messaging everyone that ordered a game to follow up and let you know how you can still complete the order. If you have any questions you can always email me at: Jaime at and we’ll get everything sorted out for you.

Thanks again for getting us to 52% funding everyone 🙂 We look forward to seeing what comes next for this project and getting out there for everyone to enjoy!”

I hope it works out and that a publisher/investor in the end does not let the idea dissolve in any way.