Gamester – Create Your Own Personalized Games

Imagine a game all about YOU! With Gamester, you can create personalized games starring you or a friend. Make your game today!

We always have ideas we come up with in our heads that we wish we could take the time to do, and one of those ideas I had for years myself, is being brought to life by from out of New York, NY. Here is some information from their KickStarter campaign:

“Gamester is a web and mobile service that allows you to make a completely customized game based on any person you know. It’s perfect for kids’ birthdays, an anniversary gift for a gamer, holiday gift for a friend, or even just to make a game about yourself!

You can create a free game that uses a photo of a person’s head as the character’s head similar to JibJab or have our artist draw the person for only $29.”

Go to their KickStarter campaign here and check out their video to see it in action! Be sure to share this article with everyone you know! Well, at least with those you don’t plan to create a surprise for.

Also find them on Facebook, here.

Update 5/6/2016: Check out this video to see that it takes less then 5 minutes to create your personalized game!