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LOOTERS – Elder Scrolls Fan Film

by Fury Fingers FACEBOOK:… Behind The Scenes Videos Coming Soon! Hit Subscribe for more. Check out our other films. Will Baylis as The Wizard Nick Cleary as The Warrior Special thanks to TASK FORCE TAIPAN : Hallam Bassett as Boss Goon Harrison Weir, Craig Faehrmann, Andrew Stevens and Liam Telford as Goons Check them …Read more »

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there… This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software. Recommend viewing in HD in FULLSCREEN with sound UP…

Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series Kickstarter Promo

by: FFVIITheMovie Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series is a non-profit production to bring the story of one of the world’s most beloved videogames to life through live-action. Series 1 will be 5 40-minute episodes that covers the tale from its opening in Midgar to the after the retelling of the events at Nibelheim.

GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg)

by Corridor Watch more! MAKING OF:… Directed by Adrian Picardi – Follow his instagram, tell him what you think! Produced by Derrick Nguyen Starring Steven Ogg and Sunny Jain Gear we used to make the vid! Wren’s Onewheel: Cmike’s Drone: Cinematic Camera: Microphone: Camera Stabilizer: Memory Card: Close …Read more »


by: RoccoB64 An EXCLUSIVE look at SHADOW WARRIOR, out now:

MAN AT ARMS – Building Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

by: AweMeChannel Man at Arms creates Cloud’s mighty buster sword!

THE BEST OF US – The Last of Us Film

by Fury Fingers For more Action, Comedy and VFX Subscribe to Fury Fingers:… FACEBOOK:… Daniel Vink as Joel Georgia Spinato as Ellie Jordan Cowan as The Clicker! Infected Cast – Andrew Shanks Anthony Rinna and David Beneviste of Task Force Taipan Special FX Makeup Team led by and Clicker work by Nicole Bovis …Read more »

Lego Ghost Recon Future Soldier

by machinima Click here to watch Ghost Recon Alpha – Official HD Film Lego Ghost Recon Future Soldier A stop-motion animated version of the GRFS trailer made entirely out of Lego bricks. The first of the Kooberz Studios films to have been shot with a 5D Mark 2 Camera and Dragonframe software. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: …Read more »

Call of Duty Dog 2

by: happyhour Here’s the second installment of Call of Duty Dog 2!

Hero of the Storm

by RocketJump Get the BUFF AF Shirt! ➤ Thanks to Blizzard for sponsoring this video! This is what happens when you spill soda on your keyboard while playing Heroes of the Storm. Check out the RocketJump Film School at! Director/DP – Clinton Jones Producer – Ashim Ahuja POC – Karina Farah VFX – John …Read more »