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THE BEST OF US – The Last of Us Film

by Fury Fingers For more Action, Comedy and VFX Subscribe to Fury Fingers:… FACEBOOK:… Daniel Vink as Joel Georgia Spinato as Ellie Jordan Cowan as The Clicker! Infected Cast – Andrew Shanks Anthony Rinna and David Beneviste of Task Force Taipan Special FX Makeup Team led by and Clicker work by Nicole Bovis …Read more »

Pokemon GO Gets Too Real

by Nukazooka Pokemon GO in real life can be dangerous. SOCIALS: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Nukazooka Seth & Andrew  


by: RoccoB64 Jodie needs the help of the spirit Aiden in a time of need- But Aiden has other less productive plans.

Super Mario: An Unexpected Battle (Animation)

by Teorias do Dia a Dia Translated from Portuguese: In search of life that may be your only chance to save Princess Peach, Mario encounters something unexpected. Characters, sound effects and music are the property of their respective owners. Tribute to two of the major games that marked my childhood.  – Johnny Pinho INSTAGRAM: Subscribe to …Read more »

The Brothers Rapture – BioShock Short Film

by: TheBrothersRapture Before the underwater city of Rapture collapsed beneath itself and Splicers roamed its flooded halls, men and women thrived as they explored beyond the limits of their creative and scientific achievements. But who were they before their society crumbled around them? Return to a corner of Rapture to uncover the story of the …Read more »

Smash Bros. Melee Reanimated

by The Reanimation Station Over the past year, more than 30 animators remade the intro to Super Smash Bros Melee, each bringing their own unique take on some of the most beloved characters in video game history. The result is a tribute to one of the best fighting games of all time! This is a fan …Read more »

Super Smash Bros Part 2 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Yungtown

by DYKGaming Here’s the next part of Super Smash Bros trivia video by Did You Know Gaming.

ONE WOMAN ARMY – Epic Drone Action Film

by Fury Fingers Check out Mobile Strike – Subscribe for more Fury Fingers Films –… Featuring Daisy Fryer as Scarlet: (stunt-woman) The good people of Riot City Wrestling:… The parkour talents of Team Sweezy:… The fighting skills from F.E.A.T:… And the champions of men known as ‘Task Force Taipan:’ (Cosplay, …Read more »


by: mikeosong Mikeosong breaks out some dance moves in tune with music from Final Fantasy VII and XIII! “An ode to one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, Final Fantasy. Track List: -Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme -Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare -Final Fantasy XIII Crimson Blitz -Final Fantasy Mambo de Chocobo”

Mario No Longer A Plumber – Job Searching

by Josh Stillman Now that Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer a plumber, he will need to search for a new job! He decided to walk around Los Angeles to see who is hiring and interviewing so he can set up some interviews for his new career!… JoshFromLM